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2 Tips to Create a Professional Wardrobe for Your New Corporate Job

If you're about to begin a new job in a corporate position, then you may be planning the purchases you'll make for your new professional wardrobe. You may be concerned about making the right impression and feeling comfortable in your new attire. Before you make any purchases, here are two tips will help you to devise a wardrobe that is ideal for your new role.

1. Create a corporate uniform

Both Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg have popularised the idea of having a uniform that they wear each day in their high-flying positions. The reasoning is that wearing the same outfit each day means they spend more time making great work decisions and less time deciding what to wear.

You can adapt this concept to your own work wardrobe by buying multiples of the same core clothing items such as blazers, trousers or skirts. These can be worn with a simple white shirt and dressed up with a selection of ties or scarves to create a slightly different look each day.

Having a capsule wardrobe like this will save you both time and money. Getting ready for work each day will be a simple task and good-quality, well-tailored blazers, trousers and skirts will last you for many seasons without having to update your look to meet current fashions.

2. Invest in the right shoes

Shoes are an often overlooked but incredibly important part in creating a professional and put-together corporate look. You could be wearing the most expensive tailored suit and still manage to look shabby with the wrong pair of shoes.

It's well worth paying extra and investing in some high-quality shoes that will complete your new corporate look. Although the initial outlay will be more than it is with cheaper shoes, good- quality shoes will last longer and perform better than their less expensive counterparts.

Comfort is also an important consideration when choosing work shoes. Whether it's a pair of flat soled shoes or high-heels, make sure that they offer your feet support and fit you perfectly. Hobbling around in ill-fitting shoes that have given you blisters is unprofessional looking and will distract you unnecessarily from performing your new role with confidence and enthusiasm.

It's quite common to feel somewhat nervous and apprehensive when starting a new role in a corporate position. Give yourself the benefit of feeling comfortable, professional and suitably attired by ensuring that your work wardrobe is one aspect that you don't have to worry about.