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Five Male Fashion Trends for 2018

Although male fashion trends tend to be much slower to take hold compared to female ones, those that do will firmly establish themselves and commonly return for a couple of seasons thereafter. None of the big fashion trends in male fashion from 2017 are likely to go away completely, but that is not to say that 2018 won't be a distinctive year for well-groomed men. What are the fashion trends that chic gentlemen should be looking out for in the coming calendar year?

  • The 1970s Will Return (Again)

Three-quarter length leather jackets with wide lapels and open necked shirts really went out of fashion in the 1980s but made something of a revival in the mid-1990s when all things funky made something of a return in male fashion. Thanks to the so-called maximalism design ethos of some of the leading European men's outfitters seen in recent times, the style of the 1970s looks set to be revived once more in 2018. Look out for dagger collars and even the occasional ruff.

  • Hi-Tech Materials for Everyday Clothing

The rise of functional materials for sports clothing, especially in the field of mountaineering and outdoor pursuits will spill over into fashion this year. Expect designers to incorporate mesh and breathable materials into their trousers, shirts and jackets. Function leads to form and this is going to be true in male fashion for some time.

  • More Subtlety With Logos

Fashion's love affair with logos seems to have known no bounds in recent years with logos and designer labels getting ever more prominent on the front of anything from the humble T-shirt to headgear. 2018 will likely see a reverse of this trend as designers seek to make their clothing lines seem more exclusive by reducing the size of their labels to something a little less bombastic on the eye.

  • Brogue Shoes

A favourite of seemingly every UK-based undergraduate and a shoe style that is often associated with the upper echelons of society, brogues will become part of the mainstream in 2018. Bag a couple of pairs now in black and brown so you can look completely up-to-date no matter what the rest of your outfit looks like.

  • No Tie Business Wear

For decades there has been little that has marked Australian business executives out from their North American and European counterparts. However, 2017 saw an uptake of smartly attired businessmen working without a tie even if the rest of their outfit was impeccable. This micro-trend looks like it will be distinctive feature of 2018's male fashion look.

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