Essential Clothing and Accessories for Long Holidays and Overseas Journeys

Look Fit To Work

Working as an outdoor military fitness instructor can be a hugely rewarding job and is something that is perfect for retired military personnel. You can combine your love of fitness with your military ethos and get some enthusiastic participants to run, crawl and jump through muddy fields and over obstacle courses all in the name of fun and fitness. However, keeping yourself and your students safe is of the utmost importance, and one of the best ways to do that is to equip yourself with appropriate safety and workwear. Here are a few essential pieces of workwear for the outdoor training instructor. 

​High-Visibility Jackets

High-visibility workwear can come in many forms, from a fully reflective jacket to wrist wraps and smaller vests. Whilst you'll probably want to keep your uniform and training gear authentic, you need to ensure that the clients involved in the sessions can see you at all times. You're there to train them, and if you're doing outdoor bootcamps in poor visibility, safety trumps authenticity. It's also a great piece of kit to have if you require medical assistance and need to get the attention of the medical services.

Metal Feet

If you're taking part in setting up obstacle courses that require assembly, steel-toed boots are a must. Perhaps you shouldn't wear them for the actual race if you're going to take part, but you will certainly want them for the construction of the ramps, walls and mud dips. If you want to keep it authentic then you can actually buy used military boots in old surplus stores. If you buy old engineer boots, they should also have steel toes.


Training outside in the winter or in wetland areas is brilliant for military bootcamps. However, getting wet feet can create sores and lead to uncomfortable training sessions. To combat this, you can use gaiters, which are like covers that attach under the shoe and fasten under the knee. You can combine this with some waterproof socks to keep your feet dry and free from fungal infections. 

Thermal Linings

Depending on how involved you become in your training sessions, you may find yourself standing around for long periods of time. If the class is in the evening, it's possible that the sweat produced during the day will cause your skin to become cold when it evaporates. Therefore, a good, long-sleeved top, such as a rash vest or a thin thermal top, can minimise this occurrence. 

For more information on workwear, contact a clothing store.