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Why You Should Always Have Multiple Spare Changes Of Work Clothes

There are many different jobs that require a special type of workwear, from the many tradies who work outside to those in the service and cleaning industry who barely see the sun while on the clock. One thing all these industries have in common, however, is that their workwear has to be quite rugged to be able to withstand the constant wear and tear their wearers put it through. One way to combat this is to have multiple pairs of the same workwear clothing, but that is not the only reason you should have spare work clothes lying around. 

Always Keep A Spare In Your Car/Locker

You will be surprised at how often you get really, unexpectedly dirty at work. When you actually look back and count the times this has happened most people would have more than a handful of occasions within the last year alone. Keeping a spare change of clothes in your car or locker is a great way to not let that one moment ruin your day. For many people in the service industry, part of the job requirement is their presentability. Even though the accident might not have been your fault, it is essential to the rest of your day that you have a spare set of work clothes, and it's just a generally good practice to be ready for all events. 

Winter Season

Summers in Australia are so hot that people often forget just how cold the winters can be, especially in the mornings and late afternoons. Keeping a few spare changes of workwear allows you to double up on certain pieces (particularly the shirts) without breaking uniform. Always make sure that if there is an option for different sorts of jackets (fleece, windbreaker, overcoat, hoodie, etc), and get as many types as you can. Layering these different outerwear pieces with your regular workwear makes life a lot easier during winter, and having multiple types means you are prepared for any weather.


Every now and then, it is important that you get a little dressed up in your workwear so that you are as presentable as possible. This could be anything from a candid photoshoot that your boss wants to use to advertise your company with to meeting someone from high up the corporate chain and making a good impression. Having a change of workwear that is kept mostly unused and in good condition is easy because when your current daily rotation gets a bit old, you can just swap the new one in and then buy another new version to replace the one meant for fancier occasions. It's a simple trick to be ready to impress at all times, and who knows, it just might land you an opportunity you wouldn't have had otherwise.