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Two Tips for Those Who Are Launching a Dog-Walking Business

If you're going to launch a dog-walking business, here are some pointers that you'll probably find helpful.

Make sure you and your employees have hi-vis workwear

Whether you'll be doing all of the dog-walking yourself or you'll be hiring people to do some of the walks, you should ensure that everyone involved in this side of your business has hi-vis workwear. Many of your clients may need to have their dogs walked in the early mornings or late evenings, and you or your employees may have to walk these dogs through wooded areas or on rural roads and poorly-lit streets.

If you or your employees are not wearing hi-visibility clothing when you go on these walks, there is a chance that passing cyclists or motorists might not see you and might end up hitting you, your employees or the dogs. If a client's dog gets injured as a result of your decision not to use hi-visibility workwear, not only could you lose their business but they may also seek damages for their pet's injuries through the court system.

Additionally, utilising hi-vis workwear will also ensure that pedestrians who also travel on these poorly-lit routes and who are afraid of dogs (or who just don't want a group of boisterous dogs jumping on them or sniffing them) can see you and the dogs approaching and cross the street or turn around before you cross paths.

Provide thicker-than-average work clothing

It's best to make sure that the hi-vis garments and any other workwear items you buy for yourself or your employees are quite thick. Even the most mild-mannered dog can snap, given the right set of circumstances. If for example, two of the dogs you're walking start fighting with each other and you step in between them, one of them might end up biting your legs or arms. Likewise, if you are asked to walk a dog who is aggressive towards strangers, they may nip at you during the first couple of walking sessions.

Whilst thick workwear won't completely protect you from these bites, it could prevent the dog's teeth from breaking your skin and thus leave you with a bruise and some teeth marks, rather than a bleeding wound. This is important, as if they break the skin, you might need to end the walk early so that you can get the wound cleaned and you might have to cancel several upcoming walking sessions (if the injury affects your hands or legs).

For more information about hi-vis workwear, contact a workwear supplier.