Bachelor Clothes Tips: How to Keep Your Business Shirts Looking Good

When you moved out of your parent's house and set up home for yourself, you may have looked forward to being truly independent. While you knew you'd miss your Mum's cooking, you may not have appreciated everything she did for you. You may even have underestimated how much time and effort she put into jobs around the house that kept things ticking over smoothly. When you're in your own place, you aren't just responsible for cleaning, tidying up and feeding yourself, you also have to deal with other jobs like laundry and ironing.

Five Male Fashion Trends for 2018

Although male fashion trends tend to be much slower to take hold compared to female ones, those that do will firmly establish themselves and commonly return for a couple of seasons thereafter. None of the big fashion trends in male fashion from 2017 are likely to go away completely, but that is not to say that 2018 won't be a distinctive year for well-groomed men. What are the fashion trends that chic gentlemen should be looking out for in the coming calendar year?