Two Tips for Those Who Are Launching a Dog-Walking Business

If you're going to launch a dog-walking business, here are some pointers that you'll probably find helpful. Make sure you and your employees have hi-vis workwear Whether you'll be doing all of the dog-walking yourself or you'll be hiring people to do some of the walks, you should ensure that everyone involved in this side of your business has hi-vis workwear. Many of your clients may need to have their dogs walked in the early mornings or late evenings, and you or your employees may have to walk these dogs through wooded areas or on rural roads and poorly-lit streets.

Why You Should Always Have Multiple Spare Changes Of Work Clothes

There are many different jobs that require a special type of workwear, from the many tradies who work outside to those in the service and cleaning industry who barely see the sun while on the clock. One thing all these industries have in common, however, is that their workwear has to be quite rugged to be able to withstand the constant wear and tear their wearers put it through. One way to combat this is to have multiple pairs of the same workwear clothing, but that is not the only reason you should have spare work clothes lying around.